A safe space for survivors

Maskan, a safe space

Maskan serves as a transitional haven for women and children escaping domestic violence and various forms of assault. This sanctuary offers temporary shelter and personalized support, tailoring assistance to facilitate a peaceful and sustainable transition for our clients. The dedicated Maskan team stands by our clients, guiding them until they regain their footing and seamlessly integrate into society.

What we provide

We are here to help you.

Safe shelter

Provision of short stay to women, young girls, and kids fleeing from domestic violence.

Dietary needs

Meals catering to specific dietary needs like vegetarian, vegan, halal, etc


Provision of seasonal clothing.

Personal Hygiene

Provision of personal hygiene items.

Travel allowance

Bus passes for commute to your work, study, legal, and health needs.


We refer our clients to community organizations for extended support


Our trained staff, and consultants provide counselling for seamless transition.


Maskan holds specialized sessions and workshops for clients, families, and youth to educate, and inform.

Going through the process

The shelter strives to create a comprehensive, empowering, and nurturing atmosphere throughout a survivor’s three-week residence, equipping them with essential resources and skills for a successful transition into a secure and self-sufficient life post-shelter. On average, residents typically stay for three weeks. During this period, our committed shelter team collaborates closely with the residents to ensure a favorable outcome during their stay. Our approach for these three weeks is outlined below. 

Week 1: Safety and Orientation

Day 1 - 2 : Safety Planning and Counseling

● Welcome and orientation, explaining rules, services, and available resources.
● Conducting a comprehensive assessment of the survivor’s needs, goals, and safety concerns.

Day 3 - 7 : Safety Planning and Counseling

● Safety planning sessions to help survivors identify potential risks and create safety strategies.
● Individual and group counseling to address trauma, emotional healing, and building coping skills.
● Legal and financial consultations to explore options and resources for the survivor’s future.

Week 2: Empowerment and Skill Building

Day 8 - 14: Workshops and Skill Development

● Workshops on self-esteem, assertiveness, communication skills, and healthy relationships.
● Vocational training and job readiness programs to enhance self-sufficiency and financial independence.
● Parenting classes and support groups for mothers to promote healthy family dynamics.

Week 3: Supportive Services and Community Engagement

Day 15 - 21: Continued Support and Integration

● Continued individual and group counseling sessions to process trauma and reinforce coping mechanisms.
● Legal advocacy, supporting survivors with any ongoing legal matters or proceedings.
● Planning for transition: Identifying safe housing options, employment opportunities, and community resources for after leaving the shelter.

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Address: 1015 4231 109 AVE NE, Calgary, AB T3N 2B1
Toll-Free: 800-471-3789
Main Office: 403-971-2774

Hear from our clients!

…it was wonderful meeting you all. I will miss you all so much to become part of my life. Enjoyed my time here. Love you all. Never forget you.

- B

Thank you Maskan family for everything. I have no words. I can never thank you enough. You helped me get my life back. Thank you for being So nice and helpful. This space is not enough. I can write on essay on Maskan. I love you.

- H.K

Thank you Maskan family for standing by my side with there was no one around me. I will always be grateful for such a great support and help.

- L.H

I deeply appreciate every member of the team for showing love, care and attention. Thanks Maskan.

- S

Thank you for everything you guys did for me, you gave me so much strength and courage.

- S

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