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Empowering Calgary's Communities:

FCSS Program

At CPSG-Maskan, we are committed to fostering a nurturing and welcoming environment for individuals and families facing domestic violence and vulnerability within the Calgary community. To further this commitment, we have forged a significant partnership with the City of Calgary in their Family & Community Support Services (FCSS) project. Together, we aim to promote social inclusion and provide preventative approaches to support Calgarians experiencing vulnerabilities.

A Synergy of Dedication

Our partnership with the FCSS project signifies the synergy of two organizations dedicated to making a lasting difference. Together, we work tirelessly to support Calgarians in need and build stronger, more resilient communities. Our focus goes beyond immediate assistance; it’s about long-term empowerment. We equip individuals and families with the tools and knowledge needed to overcome challenges independently.

Our Preventative Approach

At the heart of CPSG-Maskan’s involvement in the FCSS project is our unwavering commitment to a holistic and preventative approach. When individuals reach out to us, our dedicated team conducts comprehensive assessments to identify their unique needs and challenges. This assessment process serves as the first step on our journey to empowerment.

We then embark on a collaborative journey with our clients, guiding them toward the myriad of resources and connections available to them. Our guidance encompasses a wide spectrum of services, including counseling, mentorship, financial assistance, education, and more. It’s a roadmap to empower individuals and families, enabling them to put their best foot forward in the community while fostering their independence.

Areas we help with

Our FCSS program offers a diverse range of services, designed to address a wide array of needs within the community. These services include, but are not limited to:

Join Us on the Path to Empowerment

We invite you to join us on the path to empowerment. Whether you or someone you know is in need of support, CPSG-Maskan’s FCSS program is here for you. Reach out to us today to take the first step towards a brighter, more independent future.

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